Here you will find answers to the most commonly asked questions about classes. If you cannot find the information you are looking for here, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

I just found out I am pregnant, when can I start class?


You can come to a pregnancy class with me at any stage of pregnancy. However, I recommend that you join from 12 weeks onward. If you would like to join sooner, please send me an email and we can talk about what the options are for you.

Can I come to class up to my due date/and beyond?

Yes. It is perfectly safe to do classes up to and beyond 40 weeks. Modifications will be in place from 32 weeks onward for those hoping for a vaginal delivery to encourage optimal positioning of the baby for birth but, beyond that, simply see how you feel. You can come and sit in class even if you don’t feel up to joining in with everything (or anything!) for company alone.

What equipment do I need?

If you do not have the following equipment, worry not. For in person classes I will provide for those unable to bring their own. For online classes, there are alternate props you can use from around the home in place of yoga-specific items.

– A yoga mat
– Two solid cork brick-shaped blocks
– One or two softer, flat, foam, blocks
– A blanket or shawl
– A bolster or cushion
– A yoga strap or scarf/tie/long sock
– An eye mask for the relaxation

If you are not comfortable on the floor, which is common in pregnancy, you can take part in a chair. In person classes will have plenty of seating available. For online, I recommend a sturdy chair with a straight back.

For postpartum classes, a thick shawl, to tie around your waist to offer support for the stomach muscles, or a neoprene belt that does the same job, is a great thing to have. I will explain more about this when you register for a postpartum class.

My pregnancy is high risk, can I attend?

Yes. If your pregnancy is, for any reason, high-risk, the ask would be that you check with your consultant and/or midwife that it is safe to attend. All new participants fill out a health form before their first class and, from there, we can discuss where you may need alternative stretches or specific ways of working with what we do to keep you and your baby safe.

Can my partner attend with me?

At the moment, pregnancy and postpartum classes do not allow for partners to attend, unless there is a specific reason that the presence of your partner is important, e.g. for accessibility. However, I do plan to run regular workshops, at weekends, where partners can attend.

Where do classes take place?

All online classes take place via Zoom.

All in person classes take place on Thursdays at:

Friends Meeting House,
Summerfield Rd,

This venue is on the outside of West Park, close to the city centre. Free parking is available.

It is a venue I have a rich and potted history with, being not only the place I first encountered Kundalini Yoga, which I went on the train in, but also the venue I first attended to receive mental health support after relocating to Wolverhampton after the birth of my second child. For those reasons, it is a venue I am extremely happy to be teaching at.

Friends Meeting House is on Summerfield Road, on the outskirts of West Park, close to the City Centre. It is a peaceful setting and offers parking, clean, well kept, toilet facilities and plenty of space for classes.

How long after having my baby can I come to postpartum classes?

You can come back as soon as you feel ready to. We will work, together, on the appropriate time for you to join in with the physical practice, depending upon your birth experience and healing time for things like cuts, tears and stitches. However, the community, the bonding, the breathwork, can all be enjoyed from whenever you feel able to leave the house!

Can I bring my baby to postpartum classes?

Yes. You can bring children up to the age of two. Classes can be chaotic, but that is half of the fun. Please note, in postpartum classes, all are asked to sign a disclaimer that they take full responsibility for the safety of the child/ren during class.

I have never done yoga before, does this matter?

Not in the least. All classes are gentle, beginner-friendly, and have no requirement for any specific levels of things like strength and flexibility. I am especially keen to open classes to those who have never done yoga before. Many first come to yoga in pregnancy or post-birth, for the very reason that it is a challenging time. My aim is to ensure you gain from coming along, however much yoga experience you have.

What should I wear?

Whatever you are comfortable in. I am a fan of loose-fitting clothing that is breathable. Lots of people love leggings, and that’s great. There is no dress code, only the ask that you wear things that allow you to move (jeans, for this reason, are not ideal – but my experience says, they aren’t ideal for many situations in pregnancy and after birth, anyway!) Be warm. Layers are good, as whilst you may get hot during more strenuous movement, you may like to wrap up for the relaxation at the end of class.

More questions?

If you have more questions please send me an email.