The focus of Dancing Star is to explore how we can use the body and breath to change how we think and feel during pregnancy and beyond.

We will use stretching, breathwork, and other, gentle, yoga-based exercises to ensure that the experience of yourself in class will be one that is as soft, safe and sacred as it is empowering, fun and cool.

Dancing Star Yoga is also focused on building community. A space in which those who are pregnant, and who have recently birthed, can come together and simply be themselves, with no judgment, no expectations, and plenty of opportunities to relax.

My name is Sara-Jayne Edwards.

I am a mother of three children who, at the time of writing, are 9, 11 and 15-years-old. 

I am also a yoga and breathwork teacher who specialises in the pre-natal & postpartum periods and in anxiety recovery.

These things are in no way mutually exclusive.

Did I love being pregnant? Absolutely not…

Founded in 2022, Dancing Star Yoga offers pregnancy and postpartum yoga and breathwork classes online and in person, in Wolverhampton, UK. 

Some of the many benefits of classes include:

– Releasing stress and tension held in major muscles in the pregnant body. 

– Creating space in the pregnant body to decrease discomfort as pregnancy progresses…

In pregnancy, and after birth, to write, journal, sketch… whatever works to manifest the internal landscape externally in some way, it helps. I really believe that it does.

When you write, you think differently. You work privately, and in this you may express things you would not say out loud, and in ways that quiet reflection allows for: nuanced, editable, slowly. Here, Dancing Star shares a series of prompts and exercises compiled to support such a process for anyone keen to take it on.